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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Moment in Time Review!!!

A Moment in Time by Tracie Peterson

Book Description:
Alice Chesterfield is a woman pursued. Having survived an attack that left her scarred and her father dead, she is never free from the fear and memories of the man who is responsible.

Texas seems to be an answer to Alice's prayers, and when she has the opportunity to relocate to a ranch near Dallas, Robert Barnett captures her attention. Unlike any man Alice has ever known, Robert doesn't worry about the obstacles that stand in their way--and he hardly seems to notice the scar she bears.

But there are storm clouds gathering; devastating information about her family comes to light, threatening Alice's peaceful sanctuary. Disillusioned, Alice must learn to place her trust in God as she seeks a measure of peace for her future. . .and for her heart.

My Opinion:
A Nice sequel.  I was left in a huge cliff hanger in A Sensible Arrangement so I dove right into the opportunity to read A Moment in Time.  I found it to be a sweet read, but I think I would have liked it better if it wasn't a stand alone.  Because it is a stand alone, however, the pace slowed for me after the suspense scene it opens with, starring the notorious Mr. Smith once again.  The repeats of important facts from A Sensible Arrangement causes the pace to kinda fall into a lull of sorts.  When the story really started flowing though the pace picked up and I enjoyed it all the more.  New secrets and deceptions are brought to light as Alice takes center stage along with Marty's nephew Robert.  Hannah and Will, Robert's parents, also make great characters and wonderful additions to the books!  New surprises are in store for Marty and Jake as well, and I LOVE where Tracie is taking, and has taken, their stories.  If I didn't love Jake before (which I did! :D) I REALLY do now!  I can not wait for the next book, A Matter Of Heart coming Oct. 7th, to see where she takes these great characters next!  As in the last book Tracie leads us into the next book by introducing us to the main characters and in this case A Matter Of Heart's leading lady isn't the most popular in A Moment in Time; so it will be interesting to see what she does with her.  As always I LOVE the Spiritual lessons and messages in Tracie's books.  This one touches on worrying and fear in a beautiful way.  Overall I recommend this read for the sweet story, awesome messages, fantastic characters, and intriguing surprises!

 "Not For A Moment (After All)" by Meredith Andrews, "Beauty For Ashes" by Crystal Lewis, and "Your Grace Finds Me (Live)" by Matt Redman
Songs or any part of this review May be changed and/or added to in the future. ~ASC

2 Timothy 1:7


*I requested and received this book from Bethany House for the purpose of reviewing it.  This in no way affected my opinion and the above are my true thoughts and feelings about A Moment in Time. ~ASC

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Blind Trust Review!!!!

Blind Trust by Sandra Orchard

Book Description:
Kate Adams had no idea she was carrying counterfeit money, and she can't believe that it came from her sweet neighbor. Or that it lands her in the middle of another one of Detective Tom Parker's investigations. Determined to prove her neighbor's innocence, Kate stumbles into a pit of intrigue that is far deeper than a two-bit counterfeit operation--and strikes too close to home for comfort. As family secrets come to light, her world--and her budding romance with Tom--begin to crumble. To Kate, it's clear that she won't be safe until she uncovers all of Port Aster's secrets. But is it too late for her and Tom?

My Opinion:
EXCELLENT SEQUEL!!!!  I'm really getting to love this series!  I find I LOVE all the new things I learn about herbs and plants and that mixed with great mysteries makes this book a great read!  That's right I said "mysteries"!  There are three all tangled together in this next installment (maybe four depending on the way you want to count it)!  Kate is out to help a friend and clear her name as new secrets surface and she and Tom try to untangle the webs.  More is brought to light about her dad and counterfeiters, stalkers, murderers, and just all around desperate people abound!  Suspense runs high and Sandra has a God given talent for artful cliff hangers!  She definitely knows how to end a chapter as well as leave you in suspense and wanting more by the end of the book (and I LOVE IT! :D)!!!!  I personally think that this is a series that needs to be read as just that; a whole series.  While some may be able to read this one as a stand alone I don't recommend it, because of all the details from the first book mentioned in this one!  Not to mention I just think this is a great series all the way around!  They flow nicely together!  As danger grows and lives are threatened how will these two get through it all and will they still have a relationship even if they both survive!?  I can not WAIT for the next one and see where Sandra takes us next!  From faith, to danger, to romance, to suspense, to secrets and lies, to new discoveries, I think Blind Trust is a MUST READ!

Songs that I think go with Blind Trust:"He Is With Us" by Love & The Outcome, "I Can't Do This" by Plumb, and "Consider the Lilies" by Mary Clemons
Songs etc. May be changed and/or added in the future. ~ASC

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8


*I requested and received this book as a member or Revell Reads for the purpose of reviewing it.  This in no way affected my opinion and the above are my true thoughts and feelings about Blind Trust. ~ASC

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A MOTHER’S SECRET | Kindle Fire giveaway from @AmyClipston

Don't miss the newest offering in the Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel series from Amy Clipston, A Mother's SecretAn unwed Amish woman yearns for real love and a family. The only thing in her way is the shame she’s been carrying for half of her life. The novel received 4-1/2 stars from Romantic Times and was chosen as a Top Pick.

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Amy Clipston A Mother's Secret

Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Place in His Heart Review and GIVEAWAY!!!

A Place in His Heart by Rebecca DeMarino

Book Description:
Anglican Mary Langton longs to marry for love. Puritan Barnabas Horton still grieves the loss of his beloved wife, but he knows his two young sons need a mother. And yet these two very different people with very different expectations will take a leap of faith, wed, and then embark on a life-changing journey across the ocean to the Colonies. Along the way, each must learn to live in harmony, to wait on God, and to recognize true love where they least expect to find it.

This heartfelt tale of love and devotion is based on debut author Rebecca DeMarino's own ancestors, who came to Long Island in the mid-1600s to establish a life--and a legacy--in the New World.

My Opinion:
Different than I expected!  A Place in His Heart is a journey that takes place in the span of several years.  Rebecca takes you from an English Hallow to the New World with stops in between the destinations.  I found the overall story written well and intriguing if not a bit frustrating at times! LOL!  Barnabas really frustrated me at times actually.  Through hardships and pain God sees them through it all and the spiritual lessons expressed are great!  From leaning to rely on God and His timing instead of just jumping, head first into things; to learning that God miracles pop up even when we fail to see them.  I do wish the story went on a little more instead of stopping where it does, but there were things in the end that really made me smile!  The journey is long and the changes these two go through are many, and when Barnabas has already lost so much can he risk loving again!?  Overall I LOVED the historical things I learned as well as how people lived and survived in this time.  I think this is a nice read, that is well written, with GREAT Spiritual messages, and I really enjoyed reading it! 

Songs: "How Great Is Our God" by Kimberly and Alberto Rivera, "He Leadeth Me" by The Cluster Pluckers, and "It Is Well With My Soul" performed by Chris Rice
Songs etc. May be changed and/or added in the future. ~ASC

Psalm 18:30-31


*I requested and received this book as a member or Revell Reads for the purpose of reviewing it.  This in no way affected my opinion and the above are my true thoughts and feelings about A Place in His Heart. ~ASC


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