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Monday, March 30, 2015

Music Monday!

Music Monday!!!

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Waiting For Lily Bloom Review!!!!!!!!!

Waiting For Lily Bloom by Jericha Kingston

Book Description:
James Bloom has prayed three years for rain and five years for a wife. His dreams are demolished on Palm Sunday, 1935, when a catastrophic dust storm hits Oklahoma, and his neighbor’s niece has to ride out the storm at his house–-overnight. The next day, he’s forced to marry her, an East coast city girl who can’t speak. Could this be God’s plan?

Condemned to a future married to a stranger in the dusty Oklahoma wasteland, Lily Driggers longs for her home. Yet somehow, her new husband is the only one who understands her silent pleas.

As Easter approaches, Lily and James wonder if there is hope after the storm.

My Opinion:
A GREAT read!  If you're looking for a sweet read this Easter this is the book for you!  And what's greater is it's FREE right now until Easter!!!!  Just CLICK HERE for your copy!!!!!!!  I really liked the book description so I downloaded it and once I started reading I didn't want to stop!!!!  Jericha is a new author for me and I LOVE her writing!  This book isn't too long or too short it's just right, and yet it left me wanting more!!!!  Filled with scenes that made me laugh and some that had me in suspense when it comes to the aforementioned storm; I absolutely LOVE these characters!  I don't want to give anything away about them because I really enjoyed learning as I read, but I will say that I found the struggles these two must face make for some highly entertaining reading!  Jericha's inclusion of Faith is beautifully done, weaving into the story perfectly from beginning to end.  I HIGHLY recommend you get a copy and read this sweet story this Easter or any time!

Songs: "Leaning On The Everlasting Arms" sung by Alan Jackson, "God Gave Me You" sung by Dave Barnes, and "Christ Is Risen" by Tenth Avenue North
Songs etc. May be changed and/or added in the future. ~ASC

Jeremiah 29:11


Friday, March 27, 2015

IT'S DONE!!!!!!!

Well it could be blocked again!  LOL!  But it's all put together!  
Okay, so I've been promising to share with you 
what we've been working on fiber wise over here.
And here it finally is!

This is our sampler blanket!  My mom knits and I mainly crochet.
She knitted 5 squares I crocheted 7 and then put them all together!

Happy Friday to you all! :)  
Have a safe and Blessed weekend!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Heart's Disguise Review!!!!!

A Heart's Disguise by Colleen Coble

Book Description:
A Heart's Disguise (Thomas Nelson, March 2015)

In the celebratory mood of the recently-ended Civil War, Sarah discovers her betrothed has been keeping a devastation secret.

After Sarah receives word that her fiancé, Rand Campbell, has been killed fighting for the Union, her brother and ailing father persuade her to pledge herself to Ben Croftner---despite her strong misgivings. But when Sarah finds out that Rand is in fact alive---and that Ben Croftner knew it---she indignantly breaks off the engagement

But Ben Croftner does not take rejection lightly---and a single woman with a sick father makes an easy target. When Sarah is abducted by her treacherous fiancé, Rand finally comes to her aid . . . only to reveal that he has been posted at Fort Laramie, Wyoming, and intends to take her there as his wife.

But could Sarah leave her dying father's side for the love of her life? And what plans are forming in the jealous heart of Ben Croftner?

Purchase a copy:

About the author:

Colleen Coble has sold over 2 million novels worldwide. Seagrass Pier, the third installment in her acclaimed Hope Beach series, marks a new highpoint for emotion and complexity in Coble's addictive brand of romantic suspense.

Find Colleen online: website, Twitter, Facebook

My Opinion:
A nice beginning!  I am really excited about this series!  I really enjoy Colleen's style of writing and her plots are awesome!  A Heart's Disguise is a lovely beginning to what I think is going to be a great group of books!  I love Sarah's character and I can't wait to learn more about Rand.  The only thing that I feel could be better is the book description.  It gives away quite a bit from the story, but also expresses things incorrectly in my opinion.  I can't wait for more of this story and to see where these characters are lead and what decisions they make.  Set in Indiana the pace is fast and the scenes flow beautifully from one to the other.  I think this is a great little read that will leave you, like me, longing for more!
Songs: "
Battle Hymn Of The Republic (Single Version)" sung by ShedaisySongs etc. May be changed and/or added in the future. ~ASC

Jeremiah 29:11


*I requested and received this book as a member of Litfuse for the purpose of reviewing it.  This in no way affected my opinion and the above are my true thoughts and feelings about A Heart's Disguise. ~ASC

Kindle Giveaway, Blog Tour, and Author Chat Party with Colleen Coble

In the midst of end-of-war celebrations, Sarah discovers her betrothed was keeping a devastating secret in Colleen Coble's A Heart's Disguise. Will Sarah leave her dying father’s side for the only man she’s ever loved? And what plans are forming in the jealous heart of Ben Croftner?

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Heart's Disguise Colleen Coble

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Promise of Palm Grove Review!!!

The Promise of Palm Grove 
by Shelley Shepard Gray

Book Description:
The Promise of Palm Grove (Avon Inspire, January 2015)

Leona must decide: Does she follow the path set out before her? Or take a chance with only the promise of what could be to guide her?

A young Amish woman finds herself torn between the man she's pledged to wed and the man her heart desires in this heartwarming story of chance, duty, and choice in the face of love---the first volume in the beloved New York Times bestselling author's new Amish Brides of Pinecraft series.

Amish bride-to-be Leona is thrilled to be in Florida, on a mini-vacation in the pretty town of Pinecraft. Her girlfriends think she's happy because she's away from the stress of wedding planning. They have no idea that Leona's real joy is in being away from her fiancé.

Edmund is a good man, and will make a decent husband . . . just not for Leona. The more time she spends with him and his overbearing ways, the less she wants to be his wife. Her cousins are sure Edmund is the right man for her---and their certainty makes Leona begin to doubt herself. But when a chance encounter with a wayward cat brings her face-to-face with a handsome, fun-loving Amish man named Zachary Kauffman, Leona's faced with two vastly different futures.

Purchase a copy:

About the author:

Shelley Shepard Gray is a two-time New York Times bestseller, a two-time USA Today bestseller, a finalist for the American Christian Fiction Writers prestigious Carol Award, and a two-time Holt Medallion winner. She lives in Southern Ohio, where she writes full-time, bakes too much, and can often be found walking her dachshunds on her town's bike trail.

Find Shelley online: website

My Opinion:
A sweet read!  And SO much more than I was expecting!  Instead of just one story there's really two or three!  And I LOVED the sub stories as much as the main one!  So many interesting and lovable characters are introduced as the book starts and so many emotions are expressed as it goes on.  Shelley has come up with two very interesting relationships between Leona's story and the one not mentioned in the book description Beverly's story.  I always know that I can expect a nice read from Shelley!  The Promise of Palm Grove takes us to a place that I've been wanting to visit ever since I first learned about it, Pinecraft, and I LOVE the way she writes about it!  I can picture every place be it real or straight from Shelley's imagination.  The descriptions are nice without being too detailed and I really enjoyed the map she has in the beginning of the book!  I felt for Leona as she deals with the realization that she might have chosen the wrong man.  Zack's family and mainly his siblings are a nice addition to the story, and I absolutely LOVE the way Shelley plants those little gold nuggets of Faith in her writing!  The only thing that I wish was different was for it to be a little longer!  I would have liked more scenes with Beverly, but overall I found this to be a sweet and highly entertaining read with a fantastic end!  I'm ready for more Shelley! ;)
Song: "
God Gave Me You" sung by Dave Barnes
Songs etc. May be changed and/or added in the future. ~ASC

Proverbs 16:9


*I requested and received this book as a member of Litfuse for the purpose of reviewing it.  This in no way affected my opinion and the above are my true thoughts and feelings about The Promise of Palm Grove. ~ASC

Five-Book Giveaway from Shelley Shepard Gray

Don't miss Shelley Shepard Gray's new series, Amish Brides of Pinecraft, and the first book in the series, The Promise of Palm Grove! Romantic Times said, "Vibrant descriptions and details bring the plot to life in this heartwarming tale of new beginnings and renewal." Does Leona follow the path set out before her? Or take a chance with only the promise of what could be to guide her?

Enter to win a copy of The Promise of Palm Grove—five winners will be chosen! The winners will be announced March 30 on Shelley's blog!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Promise Palm Grove Shelley Shepard Gray

Monday, March 23, 2015

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patty's Day!

I hope your St. Patrick's Day is going well and you have suffered no pinching! :)  
I thought that I would share some of my favorite Irish Blessings and Prayers with you today!

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.


An Irish Prayer
May God give you...
For every storm, a rainbow,
For every tear, a smile,
For every care, a promise,
And a blessing in each trial.
For every problem life sends,
A faithful friend to share,
For every sigh, a sweet song,
And an answer for each prayer.


An Old Cradle Song
Sleep, my babe, lie still and slumber,
All through the night
Guardian angels God will lend thee,
All through the night
Soft and drowsy hours are creeping,
Hill and vale in slumber sleeping,
Mother dear her watch is keeping,
All through the night
God is here, you'll not be lonely,
All through the night
'Tis not I who guards thee only,
All through the night
Night's dark shades will soon be over,
Still my watchful care shall hover,
God with me His watch is keeping,
All through the night


Said in the morning when rising...
Christ be with me,
be after me,
be before me,
and be at my right and left hand.
May everything I do be for Christ.


From Saint Patrick's Breastplate
Christ be with me
Christ before me
Christ behind me
Christ in me
Christ beneath me
Christ above me
Christ on my right
Christ on my left
Christ where I lie
Christ where I sit
Christ where I arise
Christ in the heart of every man
who thinks of me
Christ in the mouth of every man
who speaks of me
Christ in every eye that sees me
Christ in every ear that hears me
Salvation is of the Lord.

And if your looking for something good to read I recommend 
The Guardian Duke for a St. Patrick's Day read.  
Parts of the book are set in Ireland and it's just over all a FABULOUS read! :)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Friday, March 13, 2015

Sabotaged Review!!!!!!!

Sabotaged by Dani Pettrey

Book Description:
Finally Returned Home, Reef McKeena
Finds His Beloved Alaska 

Facing Its Greatest Threat

Growing up, goody-two-shoes Kirra Jacobs and troublemaker Reef McKenna were always at odds. Now, working together as search-and-rescue for Alaska's arduous Iditarod race, a growing attraction seems to be forcing aside old arguments. Then Reef catches Kirra sneaking from camp in the middle of the night. 

Kirra's uncle, a musher in the race, has disappeared. Kirra and Reef quickly track the man, but what they discover is harrowing: Frank's daughter has been kidnapped. Kirra and Reef, along with the entire McKenna family, are thrown into a race to stop a shadowy villain who is not only threatening a girl's life--but appears willing to unleash one of the largest disasters Alaska has ever seen.

My Opinion:
What a fantastic end!  I'm gonna miss the McKennas, so I'm SO happy I can re-read the books over and over! :)  This was one of the books I was most looking forward to coming out this year and I was not disappointed!  As always Dani starts out with action that throws you right into the plot!  Twists abound in the mystery surrounding Kirra's family!  I REALLY love how Reef's character grew into an awesome Christian man!  As the baby and wild child in the bunch I absolutely LOVE where he ends up!  And Kirra, who had already become a favorite character of mine from the last book, is an amazing character that overcomes hardship and heartache and who learns to heal!  All of my favorite characters come back as the McKennas band together to solve their final mystery!  Using the Iditarod for a backdrop Dani's writing is so expressive there were times I had to stop reading before I got frostbite! LOL!  I LOVE the messages of Faith and love, I enjoyed the suspense and mystery, and as always I adore the characters!  Fast paced and filled with great scenes, it makes me wish this wasn't the end!  I wouldn't mind if Dani comes out with another book with all of these characters centering more around any kids they might have...hint hint Dani! ;) LOL!  Overall this is a fabulous series filled with action and adventure that shouldn't be missed!    
 "I Am Not Alone (Live)" by Kari Jobe, "Carry Me" by Josh Wilson, "Something Beautiful" by Steven Curtis Chapman, and...
I think this is the song that goes with Kirra in the end"You Carry Me" by Moriah Peters
Songs etc. May be changed and/or added in the future. ~ASC

Jeremiah 29:11


*I requested and received this book from Bethany House for the purpose of reviewing it.  This in no way affected my opinion and the above are my true thoughts and feelings about Sabotaged. ~ASC

Monday, March 2, 2015

Meek and Mild Review!!!!!!!

Meek and Mild by Olivia Newport

Book Description:
The leadership in an Old Order Amish community requires shunning friends and family whose only offense is to embrace the new Protestant practice of Sunday school among the Mennonites, but teaching Bible stories to children is one of Clara Kuhns’ great joys. Clara’s on the verge of saying yes to Andrew Raber’s marriage proposal, but now he is flagrantly refusing to submit to the bishop’s authority by owning a car. When the lot falls to Moses Beachy to become the new bishop, the community waits for him to take bold steps toward change. Clara and Andrew step together into a more progressive Amish faith as the Beachy Amish take form.

My Opinion:
Such an interesting, well written read!  I really wanted to read this book, because I always wondered how the Beachy Amish came about!  The fact that I LOVE Olivia Newport was the cherry on the cupcake! :)  The story within the history is lovely!  I immediately felt for Clara who needs to overcome fears and problems within her home and family as changes unfold around her!  Andrew became a fun and loved character as his curiosity and intelligence came through as well as his kindness, love, and sincerity.  I really love how Olivia also writes from both sides of the controversy, so I can understand why those who are strict think they are in the right to shun!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way Olivia writes!  Her expressiveness draws me in every time, and the situations she writes about are highly interesting!  With all of her amazing character's lives weaving together she sets the pace beautifully!  The wide spectrum of characters include many that I love, some that my heart aches for, and some that aggravate! :D  I did find that I wanted to know more about what happened to some characters, but I LOVE where the book ends and how it comes full circle in a way.  I can't wait for more from this fabulous author who is quickly becoming one of my all time favorites!!!!  Filled with historical detail, Meek and Mild is a wonderful story with Faith, love, controversy, hope, fear, family, friendship, change, and much more!  I highly recommend this entertaining and interesting read!

Songs: "Leaning On the Everlasting Arms / 'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus (Medley)" from David Crowder Band, "I Am Not Alone (Live)" by Kari Jobe, and "The Proof Of Your Love (The Monologue Mix)" by for KING & COUNTRY
Songs etc. May be changed and/or added in the future. ~ASC

Romans 12:18


*I received this book from Barbour for the purpose of reviewing it.  This in no way affected my opinion and the above are my true thoughts and feelings about Meek and Mild. ~ASC

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